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Vow of Silence 

Jade takes a vow of silence to​ mourn the loss of her ex girlfriend.  In her struggle to reconnect with her ex, she meets an outgoing musician.  Utilizing music, magic and silence-Jade finds her voice in the place she least expects it. 
Vow of Silence is a music driven story, placing queer women of color at the center of the narrative.  In her inability to speak-Jade communicates her pain, weakness, power and joy through music.  An original score by Be Steadwell narrate Jade's journey.  
Writer/Director: Be Steadwell
Director of Photograpy: Donté Lee
Co-Producer: Brenda Hayes
Fatbackfilms Production
Draft Completion Date: 5/2014
Run Time: 28 minutes
Shot on RED Scarlet



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