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Dear Ex: The Musical (2024)
Succulent (2020)
Queer Love Songs (2018)
Breakup Songs (2017)
Jaded (2016)
Acoustic Love Songs (2015)
Songaday (2014)
Queer Pop Mixtape (2013)

RainWater (2013)




"Be’s songwriting is fresh and individual in the same personal storytelling way of Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon.  Some might think it’s premature to align Be’s Queer Love Songs with such large and iconic artists but much of their best and lasting music was created at the beginning of their careers.  Queer Love Songs is a beautiful ode to queer love, or any kind of love because it speaks the truth.”

- Nona Hendryx


“[Queer Love Songs] is a fulfillment of her long-term goal to make queer love songs that speak to the whole world.”

- BandCamp


“With honesty, humor, and originality, Be Steadwell brings a poet’s heart to her songs. She is true to her Muse.”

- Christian John Wikane, PopMatters


“Be Steadwell is a force to be reckoned with.”

- Autostraddle

“Queer pop and soul songstress, Be Steadwell, is an artist to have on the radar. The vocalist, from Washington, D.C., plans to invade the industry not only through music, but also with film.”

- TAGG Magazine 2014


“On Notes, lead vocalist Be Steadwell oozes sensuality in acoustic songs of queer love and loss.”

- The City Paper 2015


“The headliners were as good as one would expect of artists with that level of talent and experience, but the opener, Be Steadwell, was the evening's biggest revelation. The District-based musician and filmmaker began her intimate 30-minute set by electronically looping her voice into gorgeous harmonies with accompaniment from percussionist Asha Santee on cajon. The ensemble eventually grew to seven pieces, but we would pay money to hear Steadwell just by herself. This is an artist to watch.”  

- DCist, 2015


“Not only do their controversial lyrics address issues with the contemporary mainstream music scene, but their spoken poetry also confronts racism and the erasure of women of color from mainstream queer culture. “

- QWOC Media, 2013



AMP by Strathmore | Strathmore MD, 2016, 2018, 2024

The Kennedy Center | DC, 2016, 2023

Freight and Salvage | Berkeley CA, 2020

Joe’s Pub | NYC, 2014, 2016, 2019

Bowery Ballroom | NYC, 2019

Littlefield | Brooklyn NY, 2018

Backroom | Berkeley, 2017

Women's March on Washington | DC, 2017

The Hamilton | DC, 2017

The Black Cat | DC, 2017

The Ritzy Upstairs | London UK, 2016

The Wharf | Leeds UK, 2016

Rockwood Music Hall | NYC, 2016

The Mansion at Strathmore | Strathmore MD, 2015

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture | NYC, 2015

The Smithsonian Museum of American Art | DC, 2015

Moca | Cleveland OH, 2015

Kelly Strayhorn Theater | Pittsburgh PA, 2015

HRC | DC, 2015

Le Poisson Rouge | NYC, 2013, 2014

The Apollo Music Cafe | NYC, 2013

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