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good day.

Friday. 4.12.13

i woke up with a beautiful woman this morning. She kissed me on the lips. "I'm going to make you breakfast." Nope. You're not. "Bacon and eggs and potatoes..." No, you won't. She is smiling and insistant. I am too. There's almost nothing I love more than bacon. Almost. Pulled her back into my arms and we climbed into the mouth

TODAY! today is for running around and planning and moving and taping things up. buy this move that, fix this. pulling together the finishing touches for the masquerade ball. attempting to simultaneously plan a party and a film shoot is overwhelming to say the least. I've been a headless chicken this whole week. But this morning, i just stopped and took a breath. everything will fall into place. the party will be lovely. i am happy and that is enough.

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