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baltimore vow of silence screening


so since i completed my film vow of silence, I've sent it out to festivals internationally (England, Ireland, Germany, and a few cities in the US so far). And festivals are great. but when i wrote this story-I was really interested in reaching queer communities and artist communities. so, in an effort to get the film seen and fundraise for the next project, I decided to take the film on tour. We started with DC, which was incredible. We had to add a second screening, both were sold out and packed with an amazing audience.

this september, baltimore was our second stop. and it was fantastic. we had 100+ people in attendance. some people who've heard of my music, some who just came because they heard about it. here are some photos of the event.

next stops: philly, brooklyn, dc (again) and beyond!

Photos of the Baltimore Screening:

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